(*All payment is due at time of service)

Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine Visit

Initial Consultation (approx. 60-90 minutes): $350

Follow up visit: $150


$125 (per session)

Package: 5 sessions for $575

*Acupuncture is FREE for the first visit following the initial consultation

*Includes follow up visit with Dr. Forster

Cupping/Gua Sha


*May be performed during an acupuncture visit



*Includes follow up visit with Dr. Forster

Prolotherapy & Perineural (per treatment)

Large Joint: $550-650



-SI Joint(s) +/- Lumbar Spine

Small-Medium Joint: $400-550




*Ultrasound guidance for injections is used (as needed). This is included in the price of Prolotherapy/Perineural. 

We're moving! On April 1, 2021.

From April 1, 2021 Dr. Forster will be seeing patients within the Polishuk Physical Therapy Wellness and Fitness Center at : 1024 N. Bethlehem Pike - Ambler, PA 19002